Portfolio Category: Commercials

Matratzen Concord – Betten dass?

Client: Matratzen Concord Company: The Marmalade Regie: SVEN STAUSBERG Kamera: SVEN STAUSBERG 2018 I had the pleasure to work on the TV Spot series of Matratzen Concord – “Betten dass?” with the great team of The Marmalade – Düsseldorf. I had the chance to work on almost every stage of post-production. I have created the

Sofia Mell

Client: Sofia Mel Agency: Grey Company: Screen Brothers Director: Dragomir Sholev D.o.P: Stefano Bini Compositing: Daniel Ahmakov Music: Pro-X studio 2011

Vivacom TV – Fireball

Client: VIVACOMAgency: New Moment New IdeasCompany: Screen BrothersDirector: Valeri MilevCamera: Andrei AndreevCompositing: Simeon Arabajiev, Daniel AhmakovSound design, mix: Pro-X studio2012

Nova Brasilia, The Player

Client: Kraft Foods BulgariaAgency: Huts JWTCompany: Screen BrothersDirector: Dragomir SholevCamera: Krum RodriguesCompositing: Daniel Ahmakov2011

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