Portfolio Category: Products

pfm medical | Forceps EWF 600

Client: pfm medical Company: 26th Films 2020 3D renders mixed with live footage – great time and creative atmosphere. I had the chance to work on it with my friend Pablo from 26thFilms.


Client: AachenMuenchenerCompany: VUCX2018 I had the pleasure to worked on a web video for AachenMuenchener with the wonderful team of The VUCX – Cologne. I`ve created the first 33 sec of the video. Later on, I combined the multiple projects into a single one. I have re-rendered and fixed the problematic spots. We used Cinema

Porsche Car Tracker

Client: PorscheCompany: Magic Eye2018 A cool looking video with smooth animation created with the great team of Magic Eye. I did the motion graphics from the 10th second till the end of the video. It was a real pleasure to work and create this B2B video for Porsche and Arvato.

bianco di puro – Volto

Producer: Marinko Spahic  Client: bianco di puro Company: Black&Code Sound design: Schnittfrequenz Product: Volto 2017 A great project and a wonderful experience. I did the compositing of the 3D renders and create and animate the Backgrounds.  

DiSA – Digital Service Assistent

Client: Arvato & IAVCompany: Magic Eye2018 I had the honor to worked on a web video for Arvato & IAV. I had the chance to create the VFX shots, overall video compositing, and the motion graphics for the video.

DPM – Classic

Client: DPM – Mashel Company: PixBoutique 2018 I had the pleasure to create two web videos for the new product of DPM Mashel. It was really fun and a great experience.


Client: JRFCompany: Zeitsprung Commercial2019 This is one of the neat motion graphics videos I have done for Zeitsprung Commercial – Düsseldorf. I`ve got the storyboard from the client, and I had to do the animations, transitions and to follow the JRF`s CD. I did the animations in Cinema 4D and the compositing in After effects.


Compositing|Motion Graphics: Daniel Ahmakov Company: Magic Eye Client: Schwarzkopf Professional Product: Essensity 2015 I had the pleasure to work and retouch the models of the Scharzkopf´s Essensity web video as well to do the particle foregrounds and the effect model´s shots.

Say goodbye to Hair Damage

Compositing|Motion Graphics: Daniel Ahmakov Company: Magic Eye Client: Schwarzkopf Professional 2017 A nice atmosphere and a good vibe. One of the many videos we did with my friends from Magic Eye.


Motion Graphics: Daniel AhmakovCompany: Magic Eye GmbHClient: SchwarzkopfProduct: BondMe2014 I`ve created this web video for Schwarzkopf Profession`s product: BlondMe. The video was translated into 7 languages and was very well accepted worldwide.