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Story / Director: Daniel AhmakovProduction and Post Production: PixBoutique2020 A short animated story aboutour choices and the marks of our souls.

CARNIVAL GAMES – Short Narrative

Is it possible to stay without masks in this carnival world?! cast Woman: Tina Harry Man: Tony Stoyanov Writer|director: Daniel Ahmakov Producers: Vladislav Ahmakov and Haritina Vladimirova DOP: Dimitar Rozov Editor: Daniel Ahmakov Music: Aleksander Andonov 2016 It is Carnival week. The two main characters are pushed into a breaking point situation. Will they play

DEBT – Short Narrative

Cast: Nadia Konakchieva,Marian ValevGenres: Short / DramaDirector: Boiko BoyanovWriter: Boiko BoyanovCompositing: Daniel AhmakovRuntime: 18 min BOXER is a bankrupt business-man with a criminal past who has gathered the courage to return to a deserted Bulgarian town and pay off a 17-years-old debt. 17 years ago, he ran away, just before getting married to NEVENA, after