A bit about Me

My name is Daniel Ahmakov, and I am a filmmaker with deep experience in animation and video compositing. I am currently located in Cologne/Germany, and I offer post-production services for your film, TV advertisement, image films, explanatory video, logo animation, language adaptation, or music videos.

Mein Name ist Daniel Ahmakov, und ich bin ein Filmemacher mit großer Erfahrung in Animation und Video-Compositing. Ich bin derzeit in Köln ansässig und biete Ihnen die Postproduktion für Ihren Film, TV-Werbung, Imagefilm, Erklärungsvideo, Logoanimation, Sprachadaption oder Musikvideo an.

I create moving images (motion graphics), 2D or 3D environments, that simulate motion by each image showing the next in a gradual progression of steps. I have the experience and expertise to develop and create effective and entertaining animations for TV openers, websites, presentations, video production, and any other media.

Video Compositing is the art of combining different elements from separate sources to produce the illusion of a single complete image. I am devoted to seamlessly insert elements into your live-action footage. I offer all of the classic compositing crafts like 3D compositing, match-move, chroma-key, rotoscope, talent retouch, clean up, and rig removal.

Ich erstelle bewegte Bilder (Motion Graphics), 2D- oder 3D-Umgebungen, die Bewegung simulieren, indem jedes Bild das nächste in einer allmählichen Abfolge von Schritten zeigt. Ich habe die Erfahrung und das Fachwissen, um effektive und unterhaltsame Animationen für TV-Opener, Websites, Präsentationen, Videoproduktionen und andere Medien zu entwickeln und zu erstellen.

  • Logo Animation
  • Explanatory | Image Films
  • 2D | 3D Animations
  • Motion Graphics | Design
  • Product Visualization
  • 3D Mapping | Event Multimedia

Video-Compositing ist die Kunst, verschiedene Elemente aus verschiedenen Quellen zu kombinieren, um die Illusion eines einzigen vollständigen Bildes zu erzeugen. Ich widme mich dem nahtlosen Einfügen von Elementen in Ihr Live-Action-Material. Ich biete Ihnen alle klassischen Compositing-Handwerke wie 3D-Compositing, Match-Move, Chroma-Key, Rotoscope, Talentretusche, Clean Up und Rig-Entfernung.


After Effects | Nuke | Flame 

After Effects | Cinema 4D | Octane Render

Premiere Pro | Final Cut Pro | DaVinci Resolve



2020 “Stigma”(Animation) – director, screenwriter, editor
2016 “Carnival Games”
(Short Narrative) – director, screenwriter, editor
2009 “Harry`s Angels” (TV Series/Pilot) – director, screenwriter, editor
2008 “Riddle” (Short Narrative) – director, screenwriter, editor
2007 “The Beauty Grows in Silence” (Documentary) – director, screenwriter, editor
2007 “Heart settings” (Short Narrative) – director, screenwriter, editor

Theatrical Performances | Events

2020 “125 Years Škoda” | Dresden, Germany – multimedia
2019 “Škoda – Scaala”
| Germany – multimedia
2018 Samsung`s “Infinite Bonding”
| Berlin, Germany – 8K loop
2018 “Dance with me”
| Port Elizabeth, South Africa – multimedia
2017 Samsung`s “The Centennial Evolution” | Berlin, Germany – the opening
2008 “The blick of a soul in the dark”
| Sofia, Bulgaria – multimedia
2006 “When the Gods were born” | Sofia, Bulgaria – director, multimedia

German TV Shows

“Mario Barth” RTL | company: Magic Eye GmbH
2013 – 2019 “Deckt Auf” – Motion Graphics and Compositing
2018 – 2019 “Räumt auf” – Motion Graphics and Compositing

“Dieter Nuhr” ARD | company: Magic Eye GmbH
2013 “Nuhr unter uns” – Motion Graphics and Compositing
2015 “Nuhr ein Traum” – Motion Graphics and Compositing
2017 “Nuhr ab 18” – Motion Graphics and Compositing

“Kaya Yanar” RTL | company: Magic Eye GmbH
2013 “Typisch Deutsch” – Motion Graphics and Compositing
2014 “Geht’s noch?! Kayas Woche” – Motion Graphics and Compositing

“Torsten Sträter” WDR | company: Magic Eye GmbH
2016 – 2019 “Sträters Männerhaushalt” – Motion Graphics, Compositing and Color Correction

Awards | Festivals

2016 “Big Mini Media Festival” New York, USA
“Carnival Games” – Top 5 Short Narrative Contenders

2008 4th International Student ́s Film Festival “Early Bird” Sofia, Bulgaria
“Riddle” – Best original screenplay by Daniel Ahmakov and Haritina Agopyan

2006 XXVI International Festival VGIK Moscow, Russia
“When the Gods were born” – The multimedia theatre performance won
the Audience award and award for Honor and Harmony.
Directed by Daniel Ahmakov